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NextGen telemonitoring

Viduet is the next-generation telemonitoring platform. With over 40 care modules for currently 18 different disease states, Viduet is deployable throughout the hospital. Because every organization is different, Viduet offers the ability to easily customize care paths to meet the needs of your department or hospital.

With Viduet, you save time by responsibly giving patients more control.

Overall, what does Viduet add to your hospital?

Viduet helps deploy care pathways more efficiently and effectively. Healthcare providers and patients can always have real-time access to the right data. This allows for faster intervention when urgent action is needed. Moreover, this contributes to a more efficient use of consultations.

Because Viduet also gives patients themselves more insight into their own treatment, the percentage of therapy-faithful patients will also increase. This is because patients who are actively engaged in their treatment better understand the consequences of their commitment to treatment.

Finally, Viduet offers hospitals a platform that can be easily deployed on a large scale throughout the hospital. For example, there are already over 40 care pathways for already 18 different disease states that can be used immediately. Thanks to links with Zorgmail and HIX, among others, Viduet is easy to implement within any hospital.

Viduet is deployable within the entire hospital

Viduet offers the following benefits:

  • Save time per patient.
  • Greater understanding of vital values.
  • Give the patient more control
  • Linkages with Zorgmail & HIX, among others.

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