Integrated Care

Viduet connects first and second lines

Viduet facilitates integrated care

The new generation of software for healthcare networks

Some of the care that occurs in the hospital today will move to primary care, or even to the patient with their family caregivers, in the coming years. It is no coincidence that that care is now in the hospital. These are usually patients and conditions that are complex in nature, and where it is important to have a specialist involved in treatment or monitoring.

Viduet supports the transfer of care to other providers or to the home, without compromising patient safety or quality of support.

Viduet provides a platform for the entire region

  • Move care to the right place
  • Put patients in charge of their health
  • Easy referrals between first and second lines
  • Links to Care Mail, HIX and multiple HISs, among others

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Examples of applications

Applications in transmural care

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