Safe and reliable care

Save time

Viduet enables patients to easily take measurements from home. The measurement results are linked directly to the Viduet platform. Thus, patients and caregivers have immediate health insights. This combination of self-monitoring and telemonitoring saves up to 75% in consultations. Viduet helps patients maintain a good quality of life for as long as possible and helps caregivers save time.

Early symptom recognition

Viduet not only saves healthcare time, it actually leads to better care. With Viduet, trends and symptoms are recognized early. Measurement data is linked directly to the Viduet platform and can be viewed by the patient and all caregivers involved. This allows for earlier and more effective intervention.

Viduet offers both patient and caregiver greater insight into their health. For example, for patients with type 2 diabetes. Patients have the ability to self-monitor blood sugar levels through the platform. Viduet visualizes the daily curve for both caregivers and patients. When glucose levels are too high or too low, the caregiver and patient receive immediate notifications. This allows for timely adjustments in medication or food intake. Patients thus gain a better understanding of the effects of meals and medications on their glucose curve.

If all goes well, you do not need to do anything

Viduet helps patients have a good quality of life for as long as possible and helps caregivers save time. Viduet gives patients more control over their care through simple self-management, combined with telemonitoring and telehealth guidance from healthcare professionals. Patients easily take routine measurements from home, saving up to 75% in consultations.

Independent if possible

Our vision is that anything that the patient can do for himself, is done by the patient. Viduet enables patients to make the right decisions, but also – if there is a lapse – to get quick support from loved ones and healthcare professionals. The patient responds to changes themselves; family caregivers and caregivers can be involved sequentially as needed. Independent when possible, help when necessary.

Easy to use

Our vision is that chronically ill patients are only really helped by applications that they can sustain for many years. In practice, that means that software should be simple, provide as low a daily burden as possible, and not make patients feel like they have to deal with their disease all day. The centrality of the patient is clearly reflected in the architecture of our software

Quality equipment

If a patient needs equipment for home measurements, we loan it to the patient. This way we can guarantee that the measuring equipment is reliable and ensure that it is always ready for use. We provide cleaning, battery replacement, installation of updates, calibration and other necessary maintenance. Ease of use is our focus, both online and physical.

Want to know more?

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