Medicine Men is now called Viduet Health

18 April 2024

Medicine Men is now called Viduet Health | Viduet Health

After 9 successful years as Medicine Men, we continue under the name Viduet Health. Rest assured, nothing about our services will change. We continue to push every day for more time in care with telemonitoring and self-management.


Of course, many people know us from our platform Viduet, which is becoming more and more extensive and well-known. Viduet is a product of Medicine Men, but we noticed for some time that the relationship between Medicine Men and Viduet was unclear. Partly for this reason, we held an extensive brainstorming session on potential new names. From this, we decided to change the trade name of Medicine Men to Viduet Health. In this way, the name of our growing product matches our trade name.

Founder Oscar van Dijk: ”Everyone used to talk about the Medicine Men company, but now the Viduet product is starting to get so big that people are wondering who Medicine Men is. To solve that confusion, we have now named the company Viduet Health. That way our trade name and our product name match better.”