Emma is now called Viduet!

12 July 2022

Emma is now called Viduet! | Viduet Health

As you may have already seen, we recently changed the name, logo and corporate identity of our platform. Emma is now called Viduet! Previously, many customers knew us primarily from individual Emma products such as EmmaHBPM and EmmaCOPD. With the name change, we want to emphasize that we offer a platform for general practices and hospitals that can be used for various conditions.

Medicine Men founder Oscar van Dijk: “We started eight years ago with concrete solutions for patients. Doctors and hospital departments were using the individual Emma products, without realizing that there was more and that they were all applications within one platform. Now they see the benefits of this range of applications. With the name change, we want to show that with Viduet we can fulfill all their remote care needs.”

After conducting several brainstorming sessions, we came to the conclusion that the name Viduet best reflects our vision. To ensure that the patient leads the healthiest possible life (”Vi”), it is important that the patient and caregiver act together as a ”duet.” The new logo symbolizes this close collaboration between healthcare provider and patient. The new corporate identity was also carefully chosen. While compiling the color palette, extra consideration was given to persons with visual impairments. Research has shown that the current color palette increases the accessibility of the Viduet app and dashboard.

website: sbddesign.nl