Viduet contributes to SMART-MRI Project: Early assessment of antidepressant efficacy with AI

18 January 2024

Viduet contributes to SMART-MRI Project: Early assessment of antidepressant efficacy with AI | Viduet Health

We are proud to announce the launch of the SMART-MRI project, an impressive initiative involving cooperation between parties from Denmark and the Netherlands. The goal of this project is to develop an innovative tool for the early assessment of antidepressant efficacy in patients with anxiety disorders.

45 million incidents

Anxiety disorders represent the most common mental disorders worldwide, with more than 45 million incidents annually. Anxiety patients represent the largest group of antidepressant users of all illnesses. The standard of care is characterized by a trial-and-error approach. Antidepressants are individually tested for efficacy over long cycles (6-12 weeks), with no guarantee that the treatment will work. This prolonged process of drug failure is debilitating for patients. Side effects and disease complications compromise their well-being. There is a strong unmet need for solutions that can predict early efficacy of drugs for the treatment of anxiety disorders.

AI helps Smart-MRI

The SMART-MRI consortium is developing a new tool based on the use of quantitative MRI (qMRI), an emerging and promising imaging modality, combined with patient background and wearable monitoring. The AI-based tool, which analyzes patients’ qMRI signatures during an MRI session, will be used as a clinical intelligence platform at the point of care, allowing physicians to make faster decisions. Within the project, using the data collected, a prediction algorithm will be developed and validated in a small patient group, paving the way for a pivotal clinical trial.

Viduet delivers crucial advanced functionality

Viduet will be used to track patients both before and after MRI sessions. This involves collecting quantitative and qualitative data through an advanced smart questionnaire functionality. Viduet will continue to enhance the existing functionality of the questionnaires, with a specific focus on obtaining patient-specific information. This expansion of questionnaire functionality promises an even more efficient approach to remote care.

Danish partners also appreciate Viduet

The SMART-MRI consortium consists of four international partners, in addition to Medicine Men the Amsterdam UMC, the Rigshospitalet Copenhagen and Cerebriu. Cerebriu, a Danish SME, brings expertise in improving workflow efficiency and decision support in diagnostic imaging. Together, they represent a powerful alliance for the development of the Smart-MRI project, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care for patients with anxiety disorders.