Internship: industrial design for eHealth company

Description function

Currently, Viduet Health is growing rapidly. More and more patients and caregivers are using our services and thus our app. We are currently exploring the possibility of replacing our patient app with a new version. For that, we would like to enlist your expertise!

About Viduet Health

Viduet Health has been building mobile self-management and telemonitoring solutions since 2013. Our Viduet platform is unique because of the connection it makes between patients and all their healthcare providers. Although patients are very important users of the Viduet platform, our main customers are hospitals and general practices. Healthcare providers use the Viduet platform to digitize their patients’ care pathways. Using questionnaires and linked measurement devices, patients collect relevant data to optimize their treatment. Among other things, the Viduet platform offers successful interventions for COPD, hypertension, diabetes, COVID-19 and more.

Assignment description

Currently, patients can use the applications on the Viduet platform through our app, or through the Viduet dashboard. This assignment is focused on using our patient app: Viduet . We already have many ideas about how we could functionally improve our app. We are happy to enlist your expertise to:

During your assignment, you will communicate a lot with both our project managers, and our developers to come up with the optimal design. In the process, of course, you will have the opportunity to use your own creativity. The idea is that your design can be implemented immediately after your internship.

Job Requirements

We expect you to:

What we offer

An internship at Viduet Health means you can enjoy:

Application Process

The application process with us is very simple. You send your CV (and possibly your portfolio or LinkedIn) and motivation to and we will invite you for an interview. And if the internship seems interesting to you, but you are hesitant or have questions about something, send us an email with your question and we will answer it for you.