User experience: “Viduet has helped me live healthier”

10 July 2023

User experience: “Viduet has helped me live healthier” | Viduet Health

Theo was skeptical at first about using an app for his health. Still, he decided to try out Viduet. Through Viduet, he is constantly confronted with his glucose levels and challenged to take action. The result: Theo now has a healthier lifestyle and new motivation to do his best. Below you can read his story.

Hi Theo, what do you use Viduet for?
For monitoring type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

How did you get in touch with Viduet?

‘My family doctor disappeared and then just before he left we were told the Veendokters are going to fill that gap and they work with an app. And my first reaction was yes stop, stop using an app. But on the other hand, I am interested in apps and gadgets, so I was like well, you know, I’m going to stop by anyway.’

What do you like about using Viduet?
The advantage is that you are made responsible for your own health. In the sense that you are faced with: ‘oh, those values are high or low though’. When you have to take a shot and measure your blood pressure, it makes you aware of the values in your body. And that you do worry when the values are a little high. So your willingness to take action gets higher.’

What has been changed by Viduet?
I started living a little healthier. It is hard to change your lifestyle though, but I did start eating a little healthier and lost weight as a result. And since I’m getting checked again next month, I do have to make sure my values are good, so yes Viduet is a stick.

Due to privacy, the patient’s name has been changed for this post.