Saving time in general practice with Viduet for GPs

22 December 2022

Saving time in general practice with Viduet for GPs | Viduet Health

Save time for family physicians, assistants and practice managers? That’s what we want to achieve with Viduet. Viduet is used in general practices for hypertension, COPD, Diabetes, Asthma, COVID-19 and lifestyle counseling, among others. Through our smart linkages, unburdening non-medical actions and giving control to the patient, we save time for healthcare providers.

Deployment of Viduet GP care

Viduet Family Physician Care offers primary care practices a total package that can be implemented immediately to design chronic care more efficiently. GP practices that start with Viduet GP Care will have access to a library of care modules. All of these care modules are designed to:

  • Giving patients more direction
  • Reduce unnecessary consultations
  • Set up consultations more efficiently
  • Unburden caregivers

Research has shown that GP practices can safely save up to 75% of consultations with this method compared to current chain care guidelines. In addition, Viduet GP Care offers several functionalities to relieve employees in a general practice of administrative tasks. For example, Viduet places outcomes of measurements and/or questionnaires directly into the HIS so they no longer need to be retyped. Moreover, a lot of time can be saved by sending reminders for check-up appointments such as the annual check-up, blood tests, fundus photo, etc. via Viduet to the patient. When you turn on the safety net functionality for a patient, the Viduet support team will call patients who do not follow the appointments made. This way you no longer have to chase patients yourself and they are only alerted when they are still not compliant after several digital reminders. It is also possible to send signals of deviating measurement values to the HIS. Together, this ensures that with Viduet, you can safely monitor chronically ill patients remotely without losing sight of them.


In 2022, the Viduet has been further developed together with our current customers in order to be even better aligned with practical working methods. As we develop our platform, we are at all times looking at how Viduet can be used even better.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about using Viduet or how it can be used within your practice, please contact our support department at tel. 085-1307022 or email