Reminder of checkup appointments now also possible via Viduet

2 May 2023

Reminder of checkup appointments now also possible via Viduet | Viduet Health

A common and time-consuming problem at general practices and hospitals is remembering and scheduling checkup appointments. Chronic patients should schedule regular checkup appointments. The Viduet platform can now be a helping hand in that.

The new functionality allows patients and/or caregivers to receive notifications that it is time for a checkup appointment. Examples of monitoring appointments that Viduet can send such as: consultations, annual consultations, lab request, fundus and foot check.

When reminded, the caregiver sees which patient to invite. Therefore, automatically sending reminders for checkup appointments saves healthcare providers time. Going through long lists to see which patients it is time for a checkup appointment is a thing of the past.

When the message is sent to the patient he or she can confirm in the Viduet app that the checkup appointment has been made. Should a patient not have made the appointment, the Viduet Support team will contact the patient so they can schedule the appointment.

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