Regional cooperation promoted by integration of Viduet and Prysma

14 December 2023

Regional cooperation promoted by integration of Viduet and Prysma | Viduet Health

Viduet is proud to announce it has partnered with PhoQus Health to create an integration between Viduet and Prysma. This initiative aims to promote regional cooperation within the innovative Be-My-Coach project, aimed at addressing overweight and obesity in children between the ages of 8 and 12.

Be-My-Coach project

Childhood overweight and obesity are a growing social problem. In response, professor/pediatrician of gastrointestinal liver diseases Dr. Anita Vreugdenhil (MUMC+) and Dr. Arieke Janse, pediatrician-clinical epidemiologist at Hospital Gelderse Vallei, in collaboration with Mediquest and primary care providers, launched the groundbreaking Be-My-Coach project. This initiative was taken not only to address the problem, but also to proactively involve parents and children in making crucial decisions about their health.

These professionals strive to empower children and families, providing access to targeted information in a child-friendly manner. This lays a solid foundation for effective conversations and collaborative decision-making. Read more here [Be-My-Coach]

Entire chain a crucial involvement

Arieke Jansen emphasizes the importance of Be-My-Coach: “We want to expand care for overweight children, where involvement of the whole chain is essential.” By providing comprehensive information to children, families and caregivers, they aim to take care to the next level and encourage shared decision-making. Good nutrition, adequate exercise and healthy sleep are identified as crucial elements for good health. Read more here [Voeding Nu]

Innovative integration with Prysma

The Be-My-Coach project involves collaboration with parties inside and outside the Gelderse Vallei. To support this regional collaboration, Viduet integrates with Prysma, PhoQus Health’s multidisciplinary collaboration tool. Prysma facilitates healthcare providers in cross-domain processes and communication. The KPN Health Exchange provides data interoperability and source system unlocking, allowing Prysma to provide insight into the care pathway.

Viduet in action for sound decision-making

Viduet is used for child and family, supporting collaborative decision-making about treatment options and lifestyle improvements. This is achieved by offering relevant information at the right time. Users will have access to a learning environment developed in cooperation with the e-learning company up-learning. This environment is specifically designed to inform children in an appealing and understandable way, helping them enter conversations well-informed and encouraging collaborative decision-making.

Parties involved

The Be-My-Coach project involves collaboration with parties inside and outside the Gelderse Vallei, including Hospital Gelderse Vallei, Di-eetgezond, Leefstijl Expertise Centrum, MUMC+, Nederlandse Stichting Over Gewicht, Mura Zorgadvies, and Mediquest. This is done in cooperation with the Coalition Prevention region Foodvalley, municipality of Ede, GGD Gelderland-Midden and Netwerk KinderDiëtisten.

Expected results of the project

The goals of the Be-My-Coach project are ambitious and include:

  • The joint use of the developed e-Health app by children and families with healthcare professionals.
  • Pleasant cooperation between healthcare professionals according to defined care pathways.
  • Easy exchange of relevant information between healthcare professionals through a platform, with child and family consent.
  • Positive results observed both by children and families and by health care professionals.

Viduet and PhoQus Health look forward to the progress and impact of this collaboration within the Be-My-Coach project, where health, innovation and collaboration come together for a healthier future.