Laurens includes new COPD patients in LUMC study EAGER-2-SEE

22 December 2022

Laurens includes new COPD patients in LUMC study EAGER-2-SEE | Viduet Health

After completing the first round of inclusions, we will now start the second round of inclusions of rehabilitants at Laurens Intermezzo Zuid for the EAGER-2-SEE study. This research is being conducted by Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) together with the University Network for the Care Sector South Holland (UNC-ZH). The SmartCOPD module will be further developed during this study for use in geriatric rehabilitation.

Why is this research being done?

The increasing growth in the number of seniors and the impending shortage of healthcare professionals is putting pressure on the quality, availability and affordability of care. As the population ages, the number of people with chronic diseases also increases. Dealing with chronic disease is challenging. It often requires lifestyle changes and that is difficult. People with chronic illnesses end up in the hospital and rehabilitation center more often. Because they do not receive the appropriate quality and duration of care, they are likely to suffer a relapse when they return home. They then end up back in the hospital or rehabilitation center and have to undergo treatment again (these are the so-called revolving door rehabbers).

In rehabilitation, therefore, it is very important to learn to cope with the chronic condition and learn to make their own choices in everyday life and in care, treatment and support (self-management) so that people can function again at home. This is also fitting at a time when the government is pushing for the elderly population to live at home longer.

A good eHealth application can inform and motivate a patient so that they are better able to take more control of illness and their own health. However, to date, scientific evidence for using eHealth in geriatric rehabilitation is scarce. As a result, it is unclear in what ways the use of eHealth can (best) help in supporting and improving patient self-management in geriatric rehabilitation.


The aim of this study is to identify ways in which we can support and improve the self-management of frail elderly with chronic conditions and/or permanent disabilities in geriatric rehabilitation (GR) using eHealth. In the process, our SmartCOPD application is being further developed for deployment in geriatric rehabilitation.


The geriatric rehabilitators with COPD and healthcare professionals use the validated intervention SmartCOPD. SmartCOPD, formerly known as EmmaCOPD, helps patients recognize lung attacks independently. The intervention consists of a combination of the Digital Lung Attack Action Plan and the Activity Coach.

In 2018-2020, LUMC conducted research on the effectiveness of SmartCOPD in patients who had two or more exacerbations with hospitalization per year prior to the study. The results of this study show statistically significant evidence that SmartCOPD reduces hospitalization days by 79% in this target group. The results were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) in April 2021.

Click here to learn more about SmartCOPD.

What is being done?

The research program consists of several phases. The first phase consists of several rounds of inclusion. In each round, patients will be included and the feasibility, usability and compliance of the application by geriatric rehabilitants with COPD and healthcare professional will be assessed. After each round of inclusion, improvements are made in the work process and/or in Viduet. We will soon begin the second round of inclusion.

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Laurens Intermezzo South

Inclusions during this phase will take place at Rehabilitation Facility Laurens Intermezzo Zuid on Motorstraat in Rotterdam-Zuid. Open since Oct. 27, 2015, the location features 160 spacious, modern single rooms with a comfortable bed, spacious bathroom, sitting area, desk and television. Rehabilitants come for rehabilitation after stroke, orthopedic surgery, for heart and lung diseases, COPD, Parkinson’s, but also for oncological rehabilitation, for example. The COPD unit is fully tailored to the needs of patients with COPD. Get an impression of Laurens Intermezzo South? Then click here.