Grip on checkup appointments in general practice

14 December 2023

Grip on checkup appointments in general practice | Viduet Health

Are you also short of time in your general practice? More and more general practices are using checkup appointments in Viduet. This is how they get a handle on chronic care. This is because it not only saves a lot of administrative burden, but also schedules home measurements, questionnaires and external checks in a smart rhythm around the annual check-up. That way, as a healthcare provider, you’ll have more time for in-depth conversations during a consultation. Read more about this smart way of working below.

Check-up appointments: part of personal care program

At Viduet, we are convinced that we can reduce the number of checkup appointments using home measurements and questionnaires. Nevertheless, we also understand that checkup appointments are an important part of chronic care. That’s why, as a healthcare provider, you set them up as part of the personal care plan of all your chronically ill patients in Viduet.

    1. Decide how often and in what form you want to see patients in consultation :
      1. Physical
      2. Telephone
    2. You then determine the frequency of other monitoring appointments
      1. Sample blood
      2. Fundusscopy
      3. Spirometry
      4. Flu shot

Patient direction

Self-care patients receive a link to the practice’s appointment portal to make their own scheduled checkup appointments. This increases self-management and saves your practice a lot of administrative work. Once set up, you won’t have to send invitations for checkup appointments for the next few years. You also no longer have to worry about continuity of care because Viduet keeps track of which patients clicked on the link to make the appointment and can support patients in scheduling the appointment.

Physician direction

Some patients cannot schedule checkup appointments on their own. For example, because they don’t have an e-mail address. For this group, you will receive a reminder in the HIS to invite the patient.

More efficient consultations thanks to smart rhythm

With Viduet, you easily set up a personal rhythm where results from home measurements, questionnaires and other checks are collected in preparation for a consultation. That way you’ll keep more time during the consultation for in-depth conversations.

Developed in collaboration with family medicine practices

This new way of working was developed in cooperation with the Flexdokters cooperative and its affiliated general practices. Nienke Reuvers, family physician with The Haarlem Family Doctors, is very enthusiastic:

“It used to take my practice a long time to keep track of who was due for a checkup appointment. Now I set up all patients who need chronic care once. Then I can be sure that they receive an invitation for a checkup appointment at the right time. This way our practice is less busy with administration and we have more time to deliver care.”

Do you also want to get a handle on chronic care in your practice?

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