Announcing Viduet at the Zorg & ICT fair in Utrecht

12 July 2022

Announcing Viduet at the Zorg & ICT fair in Utrecht | Viduet Health

On June 14 to 16, we were at the Zorg & ICT fair in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht with great enthusiasm. The preparations for this fair were extra exciting because of the special announcement we wanted to share with our relations and the fair visitors.

During the exhibition days, we announced the new name of our platform: the Emma platform is now called Viduet. Our new name, logo and color palette were received with enthusiasm by the fair visitors and we were able to introduce many relationships and new contacts with Viduet.

In his presentation, Oscar van Dijk discussed the benefits that remote care with Viduet can provide to family physicians, practice managers and hospital staff. He also mentioned ways to prevent telemonitoring from taking more rather than less time for employees. He further outlined how the health care provider can save work by increasing patient self-management in Viduet. After the presentation, visitors were invited for a demo and further explanation at our booth.

Viduet is a self-management and telemonitoring platform for hospital and general practice. During the exhibition days, we had several interesting conversations with leads from healthcare (primary, secondary and one and a half lines). Together with these leads, we talked about our vision for self-management, remote care and telemonitoring and how it can be deployed in their organization. We are excited about what the future holds!

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